INLPTA Coach Practitioner

Guidelines for the INLPTA NLP Coach Practitioner

The Coach Practitioner is a basic coaching course for NLP Practitioners and NLP Masters who also want to use their practitioner know-how in coaching. The coach-practitioner is a prerequisite and the basis for the master-coach training.

Formal guidelines

Prerequisite for the candidate is at least a certified NLP practitioner


Trainer: registered INLPTA trainer


Duration of training:

Mind. 30 hours (plus breaks of more than 30 minutes)

Mind. 4 days


The training complies with all INLPTA competence standards and guidelines below

Certification: by a registered INLPTA trainer

Content policy

The exact content guidelines can be found in the PDF below.

Detailed guidelines for Coach Practition
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Who can offer an INLPTA Coach-Practitioner training?

Anyone wishing to offer an INLPTA Coach-Practitioner training requires admission from the board of directors of INLPTA. Admission requirements for registered INLPTA trainers:


  • registered INLPTA trainer
  • Proof of at least 10 coaching clients within the last 3 years with various coaching topics as self-assessment. The self-assessment must include the following data: Coaching topic as keyword, number of hours, number of sessions, date 1st session and last session, initials of the client. The INLPTA reserves the right to obtain a confirmation of the information provided to the client.
  • Participate in the INLPTA Coach Practitioner or create and submit a Trainer Manual for the INLPTA Coach-Practitioner Training. The trainer's guide must include: timing / announcement, framing and frames / content (in key words) / type of placement (eg card inquiry, trainer input, demo ...) / exercise design (description, mission, goal, evidence procedure) / type of visualizations / Handouts