Guidelines for NLP Practitioners:

The NLP Practitioner is the basic certification in NLP.


It covers the origins, history and philosophy of the NLP and all major techniques for change and development. The training can be certified according to INLPTA if the formal and content guidelines are observed.

Formal Guidelines

Trainer needs to be certified INLPTA Trainer.


Duration of training:


Min. 130 hours face to face (more than 30 minutes will be deducted)

Min. 15 days (recommended 18 days for compatibility with national NLP organizations, like DVNLP)

If the training is to be recognized by the DVNLP, it must last at least 18 days and 135 hours.

The training complies with all INLPTA competence standards and guidelines below.


Certification: by a registered INLPTA trainer.



Certification: The candidate has passed the testings (contents comply with the guidelines).

Content policy

The exact content guidelines can be found in the PDF below. 

INLPTA NLP Practitioner guidelines
Curriculum of the NLP Practitioner course
INLPTA standard_P_10-05.pdf
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