What are the goals and tasks of INLPTA?


  • To support and defend the quality standards of NLP-trainings all over the world
  • To represent the interests of the INLPTA-trainers worldwide
  • To support bringing NLP into the business world 

Is INLPTA an registered association?

No, it's a registered company in the UK and in Germany. This gives us a lot of advantages like acting fast and flexible for our members.

Who is the official INLPTA agent in UK?

Julia Poole


International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers Association Limited

PO Box 187


Hampshire PO12 9AE

Tel: 023 92588887

Registered in England in 1995 Company Number 3069776



Bert Feustel is the Director of INLPTA Worldwide & Europe and INLPTA Germany.  

INLPTA Headquarter

Bert Feustel


80796 Munich


Is INLPTA a non-profit company?


No, INLPTA is a registered company. This means we do pay taxes when we make profit. - but our aim is not to earn money. We rather put more money into this organisation as we get out of it. Aside from all the time we voluntarily dedicade to INLPTA.

Who stands behind INLPTA?


INLPTA was established in 1993 by Wyatt Woodsmall (USA), Bert Feustel (Europe, Germany) and Marvin Oka (Asia, Australia). Today those three founders form the Board of Directors.

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Who is the focus of INLPTA?

The focus of INLPTA are formost NLP-trainers who set their value on quality and ethnic and want to promote and use NLP in business. But also NLP Coaches. 

Who answers my questions about INLPTA?

If you have questions about INLPTA as an organisation, the guidelines or the seals please contact Bert Feustel (Director Europe): bert.feustel@inlpta.org

Who can certify according to INLPTA guidelines?

Only trainers who successfully completed an INLPTA-trainers training or visited an INLPTA trainer upgrade and are members of INLPTA can certify according to the INLPTA guidelines. You have to own a valid INLPTA-trainer-certificate with an INLPTA seal.

What to do if there were assigned invalid certifications?

If your certification is invalid e.g. because the seal wasn't affixed but printed, please contact us. If all requirements are fulfilled we will immediatly send you a valid certification.

In which countries certifications will be accepted?

INLPTA certifications are accepted all over the world.

Who developes the guidelines of INLPTA?

The guidelines of the INLPTA trainings are developed by the directors. Those guidelines are binding for all countries and trainings.

What happens if the guidelines were not observed from INLPTA-Trainers?

If the guidelines aren't observed during a training, in form or content, the trainer will get a warning an won't be allowed to call their trainings "according to INLPTA guidelines". The certifications of such trainers will be checked again and if it's necessary the participant may have to redo some trainings or testings.

Where can seals be ordered?

Seals can only be orderd at the responsible and official INLPTA agency. For orders in Europe please contact Bert Feustel (bert.feustel@inlpta.org).

Are certifications without pasted up seals valid?

Certifications without pasted up INLPTA seals aren't valid! You can request to add a seal to your certification with a printed INLPTA-logo. But you have to prove that all necessary guidelines are fulfilled. A printed form can be found under [become a member]

How much do INLPTA-Seals cost?

One seal costs 15 Euro. You get a numbered certificated paper for every seal.

Who can assign INLPTA-Seals?

Seals can only be assigned by INLPTA trainers who a members of INLPTA. With their membership they commit to the guidelines of INLPTA-trainings and to the code of ethics.

I used to get INLPTA-Seals somewhere else, where do I get them in the future?

Even if you were used to get INLPTA seals somewhere else from may 2005 on you can only get them at the official INLPTA agency in Europe. Please contact Bert Feustel ( bert.feustel@inlpta.org ). If you already have some seals you can use them but please let INLPTA now. Seals which you didn't get poperly aren't valid.

Is a membership required to certificate in INLPTA-Guidelines?

Yes, only members of INLPTA are authorized to assign seals and numbered certifications.

How much does an INLPTA-Membership cost?

At the moment the membership costs 100 Euro per year.

Who can become an INLPTA-Member?

Only trainers who successfully fulfilled an INLPTA-Trainers training or an INLPTA TrainerUpgrade can become an INLPTA-member. You have to have a valid INLPTA-Trainer certification with a seal of the INLPTA.

For what will the INLPTA-Membership fees spend?

With the INLPTA-Membership fees the webpage, the membership care, the pr-arrangements and all the other expenses are financed. As INLPTA is a non-profit organisation all the money is invested in INLPTA.

What is the difference between INLPTA and other NLP-Associations?

The difference between INLPTA and other NLP-Associations are the goals INLPTA has. In contrast to many other NLP-Associations only trainers can become a member of INLPTA. The quality standarts of INLPTA are higher than those of others NLP-Associatons. INLPTA also covers the interests of NLP in business. INLPTA emphasizes a certificate of a NLP-training and testing in both theory and practical experience. This combination makes INLPTA unique.

In which relationship are INLPTA and DVNLP e.V.?

The DVNLP and the INLPTA complement one another and cooperate together. While the INLPTA is an organisation that works world wide, the DVNLP takes care about the interests of the national NLP users.

How to become a member?

Only INLPTA-trainers can become a member.


  • -The membership costs 100 Euro per year plus 19% VAT
  • - The memberhip automatically extend for one year.
  • - The memberhip can be cancelled up to 3 month before the end of the year.
  • -Only members  can order numbered certifications and seals.
  • -Members can sign in to the INLPTA-trainer-database for free.
  •  Only the membership at the official INLPTA agency for Germany/Europe (through director Bert Feustel) is valid.
  • Conditions for a membership
  • -INLPTA-trainer (fulfilled INLPTA-trainers-training or INLPTA-trainer-upgrade)
  • -accept the code of ethics
  • -accept the training guidelines
  • -accept the membership conditions
  • Conditions for a INLPTA membership
  • -I will obey the INLPTA guidelines and requirements in all my INLPTA-certifcated-course.
  • -I will abide the code of ethics.
  • -I agree to adjust my NLP skills, knowledge and trainings all the time to know about changes about the INLPTA standarts, guidelines, requirements and conditions.
  • -I register that the INLPTA Board of Directors has the right to develop the INLPTA training-guidelines constantly.
  • -I register that the INLPTA Board of Directors has the right to alter the INLPTA arrangements, requirements and conditions concerning the INLPTA members.
  • Use of the INLPTA-logo
  • -The INLPTA-logo is patented. 
  • - The INLPTA-logo can only be used on handouts of NLP-trainings which are following the INLPTA guidelines. With the use of the INLPTA-logo this following sentences is necessary on the handouts: "(text will follow)"
  • - If the INLPTA-logo is used on brochures or adds which are offering different trainings and events please make sure that it is obvious which ones are hold after the INLPTA guidelines.
  •  -The INLPTA-logo can be used on business cards and on letter paper as long as you are a registered INLPTA-trainer or master-trainer. Please use the following text:
  •  "Registered INLPTA-NLP-Trainer" or "Registered INLPTA-NLP-Master-Trainer"
  • - The INLPTA-seal may only be used on INLPTA-certifications which approve the participation in a NLP-Practitioner- or Master-Practitioner-Course which were hold by a registered INLPTA-NLP-Trainer or INLPTA-NLP-Master-Trainer. I agree to acknowledge the certifications of all registered INLPTA trainers world wide.
  • I am aware that the INLPTA Board of Directors has the right and duty to delet my name in the register and to reverse my status and the privileges if i break the given arrangements and conditions.

Does it make sense certifying with INLPTA in addition to DVNLP guidelines?

Yes, as you can offer your members a higher quality and more options, e.g. to fulfill another training in a INLPTA-institution.

In what way are DVNLP-Guidelines and INLPTA-Guidelines different?

The guidelines of INLPTA are more demanding and higher than those of DVNLP, they are also more comprehensive, specific and detailed. A DVNLP-trainer has to fulfill a INLPTA-TrainerUpgrade to get the INLPTA-Trainer status and a INLPTA trainer doesn't have to be a trainer-coach to teach the NLP-trainings.

Who can be added to the INLPTA trainer database?

Every INLPTA-trainer can be added to the INLPTA-trainer database. You have the option to be shown with your name, address, webpage and job profile.

What is the fare for being added to the INLPTA trainer database?

For INLPTA members the INLPTA-trainer database is for free.


For all other INLPTA-trainer the fare for being added costs 30 Euro a year from January 2006 on. At the beginning of the year you'll get a bill. If you won't pay the bill within 14 days the adding in the database will automatically be deleted.

How can a DVNLP-Trainer become status of an INLPA-Trainer?

If you are a DVNLP-trainer you can get the INLPTA-trainer status by visiting the INLPTA-TrainerUpgrade.


The TrainerUpgrades are offered by different institutes in Germany. Please research for offered trainings or ask us.

Are INLPTA-Practitioner or INLPTA-Master certifications accepted by DVNLP?

Yes, the INLPTA-Practitioner, INLPTA-Master and INLPTA-Trainer certifications are accepted by the DVNLP as long as the formal requirements are fulfilled, the INLPTA-seals are pasted up and the trainings took place during at least 18 days.

Are DVNLP certifications accepted by INLPTA?

Yes, if their guidelines match the guidelines of INLPTA in both form and content. In the case a DVNLP-Practitoner wants to do the INLPTA-Master-training, the responsible INLPTA-trainer has to make sure that the DVNLP-Practitioner-training matches the INLPTA guidelines. Perhaps some of the content has to be done again. Important: Even if a DVNLP-training matches the INLPTA guidelines, it can only be labeled INLPTA-training if the trainer is a certified INLPTA-trainer.

How can I become informed about news and activities?

You just have to inscribe into the INLPTA-newsletter-tool for free. We'll keep you informed.