INLPTA NLP Trainer Trainings - worldwide

INLPTA Trainer Trainings  in the future


The Corona pandemic had a huge impact on NLP institutes and the whole industry of training and development in general - cancelling and moving to online meetings.


We are still dedicated to live on-site trainings - and we think it provides the highest quality in training and feedback. 

Recent efforts by creative Trainer colleagues in improving online events,  workshops and trainings with live video settings, exercises, workgroups, feedback rounds, etc. have been proven effective and shown us that they can be more than just a video conference. We think it is possible to use these learnings and incorporate them.

In 2005 we were one of the first who defined a valid and working blended learning practitioner curriculum which provides high quality training.


We also spent time returning to and refocussing our vision for the INLPTA  Trainers Training.  

Our original vision for the INLPTA TT, was for it to be a special, exceptional global event, with collaboration between multiple trainers and schools that ensures a diverse, powerful and rich experience for students and which also models more explicitly the values that we hold in INLPTA.  Our first INLPTA Trainer-Training in Munich 1994 had participants from 9 different countries, and Trainers and guests from 4 countries, in evening sessions we discussed and shared anything around NLP. The same happened with some TT in the UK and in other countries in the last 20 years too. We want to  incite that fire of NLP high quality sharing, enthusiasm and collaboration again.


As of now, we will not be authorising anymore small ‘local’ Trainer trainings - only collaborative and national special events.