Standards for NLP-Master-Trainer-Trainin
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INLPTA NLP-Master-Trainer

Recognized as having attained a superior level of training excellence in the domain of NLP Certification trainings. Able to conduct provisional NLP Trainer Trainings which are recognized by INLPTA as valid qualification for entry to an official NLP Trainer accreditation assessment process as conducted at an official INLPTA NLP Trainer Trainer. The request for entry to the assessment process must be accompanied with a personal voucher from the NLP Master Trainer with whom the applicant has trained.


The attainment of NLP Master Trainer Status symbolizes the bearer has:


Achieved a recognized level of training excellence in the context of NLP Certification Trainings

Made a recognized contribution to the technology of NLP

General criteria for NLP Master Trainer

  • The candidate is an accredited INLPTA NLP Trainer
  • The candidate has attended and successfully completed an INLPTA Master Trainer's Training as authorized by the INLPTA Board of Directors
  • The candidate has successfully met the INLPTA competency requirements for an NLP Master Trainer, as assessed by the INLPTA Board of Directors

Training Excellence

  • Have fully conducted as the principal trainer a minimum of 5 NLP Certification Trainings consisting of at least one Practitioner and one Master Practitioner Certification Trainings. to INLPTA standards
  • Dates of conducted trainings to be submitted to the INLPTA Board of Directors along with the signatures of the students who have attended those specific programs
  • Have trained and accredited to INLPTA standards a minimum of 50 NLP Practitioners and 20 NLP Master Practitioners
  • This is to be monitored by the process of the NLP Trainer submitting to the INLPTA Board of Directors signed acceptance forms from each of their certified students for receipt of their Certificates, which are to be correlated to the number of INLPTA certificates and seals that have been requested by that NLP Trainer
  • It is strongly recommended that the candidate has assisted and co-taught in an INLPTA Trainer's Training at least once (separate from the tasks encompassed within the Master Trainer's Track), and have received successful evaluations from a minimum of two INLPTA Board of Directors based on the degree of training expertise, content knowledge and attitude

Recognized Contribution to NLP

Have submitted to the INLPTA Board of Directors a write up of their contribution to the field of NLP. Successful approval of the submission by the INLPTA Board of Directors (with input from the INLPTA Board of Advisers) is based on the following criteria:


  • The contribution constitutes a new technique or model of intervention for change that allows NLP to do something it could not do before, or could not do as easily, elegantly or generatively
  • The contribution is able to be operationalized in a practical form
  • The developer is to conduct a presentation of their contribution at an INLPTA International Conference if requested to do so
  • INLPTA is given the rights to publish the contribution, with all due credit to the developer, for dissemination to the NLP community in the most appropriate form as determined by the INLPTA Board of Directors (with input from the INLPTA Board of Advisers)