Business Certification

INLPTA Business Education

There are 5 levels for a business certification:


  • NLP Business Diploma
  • NLP Business  Practitioner
  • NLP Business  Master-Practitioner
  • NLP Business  Trainer
  • NLP Business  Master-Trainer

As an INLPTA trainer, you can apply for admission as a Business Trainer. The prerequisites for the recognition are business experience (in the training context), work in the business and / or training in a business background. Please email or send us a self-assessment about it.


As an INLPTA business trainer, you can also conduct Business Practitioner and Business Master education. The guidelines are the same as the Standard Practitioner / Master, but all content must be framed and applied to the business context.


The certificates can then be called "Business Practitioner" and "Business Master".