What it means to be an INLPTA Master Trainer.


The award and distinction of being an INLPTA Master Trainer is also a symbol of what INLPTA stands for. 

INLPTA stands for ethics, quality and professionalism.

An INLPTA Master Trainer demonstrates and lives ethically, strives for the highest quality and embodies the best professionalism in the industry.

The ethics are evident in the way he or she treats participants, employees, colleagues and clients. Fairness, correctness, incorruptibility, integrity and appreciation of our curriculi and ethical guidelines demonstrate an ecological systemic awareness.

An INLPTA Master Trainer is not only a role model for all other INLPTA trainers but also for all NLP trainers.

When a trainer is looking for advice or has challenges or is thinking about how he/she could be even better, he/she looks to an INLPTA Master Trainer.

An INLPTA Master Trainer has outstanding experience, great quality and professionalism in his/her work and appearance. The role model function consists of further elements:

Exceptional knowledge of NLP and beyond.

The wisdom to sort, assess and link information, to recognise similarities and differences and to understand larger contexts.

A productivity in the field of teaching NLP that shows that the main focus is on NLP training and application. But also to work on and with NLP, to publish, to develop.  

High creativity in dealing with NLP its application and training

Special innovation in didactics in the implementation and transfer of NLP into new contexts.

Excellent flexibility in dealing with participants, challenging situations and unusual contexts. SO in demonstration social competence and a commendable ability to communicate and deal with conflicts.


Ethics - Quality - Professionalism 

Role model - Experience  

Knowledge - Wisdom - Productivity - Creativity - Innovation - Flexibility 


You can get along well with an INLPTA Master Trainer.


An INLPTA Master Trainer has relevance, i.e. is relevant to NLP in his or her country or worldwide, is committed to helping NLP gain a good reputation and is compatible with the social and academic structures in which he or she teaches.


An INLPTA Master Trainer shows cooperative constructive towards INLPTA members and has a high loyalty to INLPTA to serve as a role model for others. Being an active member in INLPTA and supportive cooperation is an important matter too, of course. Due to the exposed position, an INLPTA Master Trainer should stand especially behind INLPTA and promote and protect INLPTA.


If INLPTA needs improvement, development and adjustment to become better an INLPTA Master Trainer is at service to provide help and assistance to serve the greater good.


Relevance - Loyalty - Service 


INLPTA Master Trainers are predestined to train and certify others in NLP, including trainers,

INLPTA Trainer Trainings require registration and approval by the responsible person of the Board of Directors. 

However, INLPTA Master Trainers are encouraged to organise national cooperative events for trainer trainings, with multiple Master Trainers and trainer colleagues, to demonstrate that INLPTA prefers cooperative and competent trainers who have found their own authentic style through a variety of role models.


Being an INLPTA Master Trainer is not only a distinction and an honour, but also a task and an obligation to be active with heart and soul for NLP and INLPTA. 


We honour this dedication and look forward to walking this path together.