NLP-Practitioner (blended learning)

Standards for NLP-Practitioner (blended
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General Criteria

  • The content is the same as the regular INLPTA NLP practitioner. 
  • The primary focus is on behavioural and social competences
  • The quality of the blended eTraining should be as such that if you select a person close to the end of the training , that it should not be possible to tell if that person went through a traditional or a blended learning training
  • All the eLearning is highly interactive, filled with exercises, intensive feedback and a lot of examples
  • All the exercises (e:tivities) receive individual feedback from the eTrainer, the participants will reflect, and share their experiences, they will get tasks to do, like: collect experience in real real-world and have interactive or observational tasks. It is a highly practical and interactive

Training Structure


Requirements for the blended practitioner:


  • Training must be authorized by the INLPTA
  • Autorized are INLPTA trainers who have the additional qualification as an online-trainer, eTrainer, distant learning trainer.
  • Live on-site Training: min 9 days, min 65 hours
  • eLearning training time min. 100 hours (eg. 20 weeks, 5 hours each)

Online Training Structure

  • The live on-site training focuses mainly on exercises, practise, behavioral and social competences
  • Most of the content is taught in the eLearning classroom
  • The virtual classsroom consists of a closed group, closed forum (bulletin board), scheduled training, with sequential step-by-step learning
  • min. 8 chat-sessions
  • min. 4 live-conferences
  • min. 4 hours for chat and conference
  • min. 12 E:tivities, Tasks (min 6 group, min 3 individual) with feedback
  • Onlinetime 20-40 hours
  • Computertime 40-60 hours
  • eTrainer: designs eCurriculum, eTrains, takes care of group or supervises the eTutors.
  • eTutor: min. Master-Practitioner, takes care of group
  • The whole eLearning class will be devided in Subgroups of 7-12 people
  • Each Subgroup need to have one eTrainer or eTutor
  • There need to be:
  • 1 eTrainer per class
  • 1 eTrainer/e, eTutor per subgroup