Membership Agreement

INLPTA Membership Agreement.pdf
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All INLPTA trainers sign the following professional agreement

I do hereby agree:


  • I am a certified INLPTA Trainer.
  • I will promote, endorse, and follow the INLPTA accreditation standards and requirements in all of my NLP Certification trainings.
  • I will abide by the INLPTA Code of Ethics.
  • I agree to continually update my NLP skills, knowledge and trainings to stay current with all upgraded changes in the INLPTA standards, guidelines, requirements and conditions.
  • I agree to abide by the INLPTA guidelines in the proper use of the INLPTA name and seal and will not misrepresent my professional standing with INLPTA in any way.
  • I understand that the INLPTA Board of Directors reserve the right to modify as needed all INLPTA agreements, requirements and conditions pertaining to INLPTA registrants in order to continually improve INLPTA as a professional accrediting body.
  • I understand that my registry and status with INLPTA is non-transferable and does not extend beyond the individual name as stated and signed on this agreement document.
  • I understand that I am entitled to use the INLPTA logo and seals only for accreditation trainings that fulfil the INLPTA guidelines, standards and code of ethics.
  • I understand that this agreement does not entitle me to any rights of ownership of the INLPTA logo, seals, and all other related materials, but it does entitle me to use such materials within the INLPTA guidelines for its use, and that I am entitled to these privileges as long as I am a registrant in good standing with INLPTA.
  • I agree to acknowledge and recognize the NLP accreditation trainings of all other INLPTA registrants worldwide.
  • I agree to conduct all of my professional interactions with my customers in a professionally responsible and ethical manner.
  • I fully understand that if I fail to maintain any of the agreements and conditions as stipulated, the INLPTA Board of Directors has the right and obligation to remove my name from the INLPTA Register and I will immediately forfeit all of my privileges and status as related to INLPTA.
  • I understand that my official registration with INLPTA is on a yearly basis and that in order for me to keep my registration valid I am to renew my dues annually.
  • I understand and agree that INLPTA reserves the option and right to conduct various methods of information gathering to ensure that I am upholding my agreements with INLPTA.
  • I understand INLPTA is an accrediting body through which my NLP Certification programs are recognized and does not have any responsibility for the marketing of my programs nor the operations of my business.
  • I understand that I am not certified to conduct trainers trainings and that all INLPTA Trainers and Master Trainers Trainings must be authorized in writing by the INLPTA Board of Directors.