INLPTA position to NLP Global Body


After more considerations and discussions we confirm again that INLPTA does not support or participate in the Global Body, we support quality training and high NLP standards as always. We will stay in a monitoring and observing position about what is happening.


Wyatt Woodsmall, INLPTA Co-Founder

Bert Feustel, INLPTA Co-Founder

INLPTA Corona Virus announcement


Dear INLPTA Members and INLPTA Trainer colleges,


The coronavirus pandemic has changes our lives privately and professionally, the social distancing, prohibition of gatherings and closing of most businesses has and will have a major impact on our lives. But we all have to adapt to the changes.


After some consideration and alignment with other NLP associations we think it is best that for 2020 it is as an exception possible for INLPTA trainers to finish or do their trainings if possible with live video conferencing tools - like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Blizz, or others and using elearning tools to facilitate the trainings. All Trainers need to document the changes of their regular programs and how they have done their testing procedures online differently. The number of hours (live or supervised training time) and content stays as it is. I know some pieces need to be adapted a little others a lot. 


All certificate texts from now on will have a modification to state how many - on-site live - hours the training had and how many online hours if any (I will modify all the certificate templates and put them online in the membership section)


It is some difficult times for all trainers and it is a crisis of immense magnitude for training businesses. So we have to accept the challenge and be flexible enough to make it work, without sacrificing our principles of quality, professionalism and ethics.


I wish you all well, stay healthy.


in the name of the founders of INLPTA,

Bert Feustel, Co-founder INLPTA 


We just have created a new version of our website and will continue to update and complete the infos here. Thanks you.

INLPTA meeting at Leadership summit 2020 in Alicante


Inlpta Founder/Director Bert Feustel, INLPTA Master Trainer Henrie Lidiard, INLPTA Trainer Madeleine Allen, Nick Fragkias