Business Certification

General Frames

There are 4 levels of accreditation in NLP Business Communications:

  • NLP Business Communications Practitioner
  • NLP Business Communications Master Practitioner
  • NLP Business Communications Trainer
  • NLP Business Communications Master Trainer

These 4 levels function in a similar fashion to the standard NLP accreditation programs with the qualifier being that these accreditations are conducted and evaluated primarily within a business context (verses a therapeutic context).

The major framework is that these programs are about business communications only. It is not about business models, how to do or run a business, how to consult to business, etc. It is only about how to improve your communication skills (NLP style) in a business context.


Target Markets

The targeted audience for these programs are people who want to learn advanced communication skills within a business context, i.e. managers, ambitious employees seeking career advancement, small business owners, young adults seeking employment, temporary help, etc.

It is not intended to be for business consultants per se. It is not as much for people who work with or consult to businesses, but rather for people who work in business (whether large or small).


How to become a certified INLPTA NLP business communications trainer

  • There are basically two contexts and therefore two methods to becoming certified as an INLPTA NLP Business Communications Trainer:
  • If you are a Certified NLP Master Practitioner or a Certified NLP Trainer without a strong business background: Attend an INLPTA Trainers Training under the context of the NLP Business Communications Trainers Track and successfully fulfil all necessary requirements for that Track
  • If you are already a Certified INLPTA Trainer and have a strong business background: Submit your business and business training credentials to the Board of INLPTA along with the required processing fee. If approved, accreditation will be given provided that you are a registered trainer in good standing with INLPTA

In the future, someone will not be able to become certified as a NLP Business Communications Trainer if they have not come through the Business Accreditation Track, unless authorized by the INLPTA Board. Conversely, someone cannot become certified as a NLP Trainer if they have not come through the standard NLP Therapy Track as the Therapy Track and the Business Communications Track come from very different frames with very different applications.