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Yes, only members of INLPTA are authorized to assign seals and numbered certifications.


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Only INLPTA-trainers can become a member.

-The membership costs 100 Euro per year plus 19% VAT

- The memberhip automatically extend for one year.

- The memberhip can be cancelled up to 3 month before the end of the year.

-Only members  can order numbered certifications and seals.

-Members can sign in to the INLPTA-trainer-database for free.

 Only the membership at the official INLPTA agency for Germany/Europe (through director Bert Feustel) is valid.

Conditions for a membership

-INLPTA-trainer (fulfilled INLPTA-trainers-training or INLPTA-trainer-upgrade)

-accept the code of ethics

-accept the training guidelines

-accept the membership conditions

Conditions for a INLPTA membership

-I will obey the INLPTA guidelines and requirements in all my INLPTA-certifcated-course.

-I will abide the code of ethics.

-I agree to adjust my NLP skills, knowledge and trainings all the time to know about changes about the INLPTA standarts, guidelines, requirements and conditions.

-I register that the INLPTA Board of Directors has the right to develop the INLPTA training-guidelines constantly.

-I register that the INLPTA Board of Directors has the right to alter the INLPTA arrangements, requirements and conditions concerning the INLPTA members.

Use of the INLPTA-logo

-The INLPTA-logo is patented. 

- The INLPTA-logo can only be used on handouts of NLP-trainings which are following the INLPTA guidelines. With the use of the INLPTA-logo this following sentences is necessary on the handouts: "(text will follow)"

- If the INLPTA-logo is used on brochures or adds which are offering different trainings and events please make sure that it is obvious which ones are hold after the INLPTA guidelines.

 -The INLPTA-logo can be used on business cards and on letter paper as long as you are a registered INLPTA-trainer or master-trainer. Please use the following text:

 "Registered INLPTA-NLP-Trainer" or "Registered INLPTA-NLP-Master-Trainer"

- The INLPTA-seal may only be used on INLPTA-certifications which approve the participation in a NLP-Practitioner- or Master-Practitioner-Course which were hold by a registered INLPTA-NLP-Trainer or INLPTA-NLP-Master-Trainer. I agree to acknowledge the certifications of all registered INLPTA trainers world wide.

I am aware that the INLPTA Board of Directors has the right and duty to delet my name in the register and to reverse my status and the privileges if i break the given arrangements and conditions.




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Only trainers who successfully fulfilled an INLPTA-Trainers training or an INLPTA TrainerUpgrade can become an INLPTA-member. You have to have a valid INLPTA-Trainer certification with a seal of the INLPTA.


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At the moment the membership costs 100 Euro per year.


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With the INLPTA-Membership fees the webpage, the membership care, the pr-arrangements and all the other expenses are financed. As INLPTA is a non-profit organisation all the money is invested in INLPTA.